Welcome to the Los Angeles County Medical Association’s L.A. Healthcare Awards

The LACMA Patient Care Foundation welcomes your attendance at the Annual Los Angeles Healthcare Awards to recognize individuals and institutions for their exemplary contributions to improving access to quality healthcare in Los Angeles County.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Patient Care Foundation of Los Angeles County Medical School Student Scholarship Program to help cultivate the next generation of physicians practicing in Los Angeles County.  It is projected that through the Affordable Care Act, over 500,000 additional County residents will be eligible for healthcare.  This significant expansion in the number of future patients coupled with physician attrition due to retirement will leave Los Angeles County with a detrimental shortage of physicians.  The need to support student entry and graduation from medical school has never been greater in Los Angeles.

I am proud to share that through the proceeds from prior year’s events, 13 deserving medical students who will practice in Los Angeles received scholarship stipends.  We invite you to support the Annual Los Angeles Healthcare Awards to help the Foundation support other meritorious medical students.

Thank you.

Dr. Troy Elander
Patient Care Foundation of Los Angeles County